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October 13, 2015
Salty has built 5 rail rods for me with the rail dawg grips….. all of them are beautiful and kill fish….what more can you ask for.
Fishybuzz – BD Outdoors

October 13, 2015
Salty Dawg has made me 5 cow rods and 6 Wahoo/yellow tail rods that are one of a kind. Like Wes said… he gets the job done on time.
Soda Pop – BD Outdoors

October 13, 2015
Bill is very knowledgable and does top of the line work. Along with that. He gets the job done on time. He’s done 3 for me and I love them all!
Wes Cereny – BD Outdoors

October 12, 2015
I have followed Bill as a rod builder for a while niw. He is seriously into this, very knowledgeable about blanks, actions, components etc. And, his quality of workmanship is second to none. I recall when he built a shop for the business, well beyond what’s needed for building one or two rods at a time.
Steve K

October 1, 2015
Our Custom Rods are being built by someone well known on the West Coast, and beyond. The reason for my reluctance to custom rods in the past was pretty simply, finding a reliable, high quality builder was difficult. There are many who can build a rod, but few who can build them correctly in my estimation, few that can build them to a professional level beyond the hobbyist level (and I’ll direct that towards tackle shops who dabble in rod building and the larger outfits that build to a least common denominator). To be done right requires more than labor time, it requires knowledge of the rod, it’s action, components, the proper spacing of guides, the proper materials and skill… The gentleman building our rods is one such a knowledgeable individual, Bill Havens (aka SaltyDawg) . I’d suggest, he’s one of the best in the business.
Mark Smith

November 13, 2013
A few months ago a went out on a limb and had Bill wrap me one of his new SDXXHP blanks. Pulling on it in the shop sold me, and it seemed to have a soft tip but plenty of backbone. I figured this would be the perfect rod to fish a shorter topshot of seaguar premier 130lb. And honestly you can fish a variety of line diameters with this rod.

Fast forward to this past weekend. I had this rod paired up with a Makaira 20SEa with 130lb Seaguar Threadlock braid and the topshot mentioned above.I managed to hook a good one that I pulled on very very hard for the better part of 3 hours. This fish was MEAN. As Jesus on the Maximus said, “it had some damn good moves on it and didn’t want to die.” The rod did very well. I never worried about the hook pulling when the fish shook its head, even with significant drag pressure. With 40 lbs of drag the rod did just fine. Felt good and didn’t beat me up at all. Towards the end I was fishing 50+lbs of drag in full and clinching the spool. This fish was a dick and did not want to die. Anyways, I just wanted to share that Bill’s blanks are legit and are a great choice for those looking for a blank with a lot of pluses and very few minuses. It’s very good choice for those going after big yft. If you are on the fence about a new rod I recommend you give these a shot.
Darrenforeal – BD Outdoors

April 28, 2011
Bill took on my idea of making a rat rod style bass rod and it came out awesome. It is well balanced and done perfect. A true one of a kind usable piece of art, I could not be more happy. Thanks Bill.
Clay Lehner

February 18, 2010
Bill makes incredible rods that not only look perfect they WORK perfect. He made me a kelp stick that is my go to rod for calico. He must have some good JuJu as well cause the first fish on the rod was a pig calico, pic is in the gallery Thanks Bill
Bryan “BEEJ” May

July 7, 2009
All of my rods were wrapped by Bill at Saltydawg Rods. They are all well crafted and look great. No matter what color or pattern you desire for your custom fishing rod, Bill at Saltydawg Rods can get it done and make it look great!
Dos Locos

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